Our massages

Caelum, a quality service of diligent and personalized massages, according to your needs, without having to move.

The nature of our land inspires us and we are pleased to offer you...

corriente suave
Bosque brumoso


Well-being massage

Fresh water that flows free through the creeks of la Garrotxa. This massage releases the accumulated tensions and stress and provides smoothness, calm, serenity and well-being to your mind and body.


Recovering massage

Intensity and strength that come out from the earth. Appropriate for after any physical activity. Reduce the fatigue, oxygenates and relaxes the muscles.


Balancing massage

Silence, calm, deep tree roots. Soft, subtle touch and delicate pressure, slow rythm... Re-balance the body and the mind, reconnection with your soul.


Our therapists

This is our therapists team, all of them with a solid  training, and experience, to give you the massage you need.

Jordi Puigdevall (Girona, 1974)

CAELUM's creator, with more of 20 years of experience as a manual therapist. Trained in therapeutic massage, food reflexology, thai traditional massage, and byodinamic craneosacral therapy. 

During a massage I contemplate each person in a holistic way, working all the dimensions of human being, physically, energetically and emotionally, from awareness

and presence.

Oriana Blanch (Barcelona, 1983)

Trained in massage at the International School of Integrative Massage, and in the first and second levels of Reiki.

I like to offer presence and awareness in each massage and body: all are different and each one needs full and personal attention. I prepare artisan oils for massages, using essential oils, and introducing my knowledge of aromatherapy.



massatges al vostre allotjament

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