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This is our therapists team,

all of them with a solid  training, and experience,

to give you the massage you need.

CAELUM's creator, with more of 20 years of experience as a manual therapist. Trained in therapeutic massage, food reflexology, thai traditional massage, and byodinamic craneosacral therapy. 

During a massage I contemplate each person in a holistic way, working all the dimensions of human being, physically, energetically and emotionally, from awareness and presence.


(Girona, 1974)



(Barcelona, 1983)


Trained in massage at the International School of Integrative Massage, and in the first and second levels of Reiki.


I like to offer presence and awareness in each massage and body: all are different and each one needs full and personal attention. I prepare artisan oils for massages, using essential oils, and introducing my knowledge of aromatherapy.

Alba massatgista.jpg

Trained in Californian massage, therapeutic massage, watsu and volcanic stones, among others, since 2012. You can see her personal project in

I help you regain your well-being by combining different techniques that balance your body, mind and emotions. I am aware of every movement and, through my hands, I accompany you to the depths of being to reconnect with calm and pleasure.




Trained in therapeutic massage, metamorphic massage, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level of Tibetan Usui Reiki, and in different shamanic and meso-American massage techniques in my years living in Mexico.

I am currently learning Spagyria. I create and make my own oils and products using the subtlety of plants and aromatherapy.

I like to offer pleasure and well-being to people through contact, presence and listening to the body and soul of each being. Offering the support you need most in every vital moment.

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